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EarthWorks Cut and Fill Software

EarthWorks cut and fill software, designed specifically for the construction industry, allows you to accurately calculate cut and fill quantities for site, road and trenching work. You can also perform excavation take-offs quickly and easily, calculating the materials required and providing many different views of the site.

Watch a demo of the EarthWorks Pro software in action.

How Engie benefit from Eque2 EarthWorks

“EarthWorks has greatly improved the efficiency with which I can work. Volumes are easy to calculate and can be quickly adjusted as needed. I can have confidence that the results are accurate to a degree that I would struggle to replicate if measuring by hand”

Marcus Joel – Estimating Quantity Surveyor.

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EarthWorks Cut and Fill software highlights

Input and Import Information

Ability to estimate from various sources including paper plans, PDFs, TIFFs and AutoCAD files

Accurate Calculations

With Voice Verification, your calculations will be more accurate as this feature will speak your commands and elevations as you enter them.

Greater Efficiency

EarthWorks software can help you create excavation bids and take-offs five times faster than traditional ‘by hand’ methods allowing you to benefit from significant time saving and efficiencies.

Fully Editable

You can effortlessly revise, delete, select and correct elevations as you’re able to edit your workings as you go.


Not only does the software provide you with lots of built in features, with low set up and maintenance costs, it also proves to be affordable for businesses of all sizes.

User Friendly

The software is intuitive, easy to use and supported by built in training videos and step-by-step guidance to help get you up and running as quickly as possible.

If you would like more information on our EarthWorks software, or to discuss your requirements, please fill in the contact form and a member our team will be in touch.

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