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The best example of an innovation that is #NotBetterJustSmarter revealed!

April 25, 2019

As you may know from last September, Eque2’s construction estimating software EValuate features full integration of Laxton’s Building Price Book information make things a little quicker and easier for users to accurately price their next construction job. Our exclusive partnership means that our existing customers now have access to costs from materials and labour, as well as any new customers.

With the incorporation of Laxton’s, EValuate allows estimators to accurately price jobs, using either Laxton’s data or their own uploaded libraries. For main contractors and developers, it helps them accurately compare subcontractor quotes and tenders.

Carolyn Clay, Director at Laxton’s commented: “Industry professionals are increasingly looking for closer integration between the tools they use, and have come to expect up to date information to be available at their fingertips – relying on data compiled years ago is no longer an option.”

All this talk about positive steps to helping make life a little easier got us thinking – what else is not a better way of working necessarily, but a smarter way when compared to how it has traditionally been done?

We put a few options to the general public in an attempt to understand just what our Twitter followers consider to be ‘#NotBetterJustSmarter.’

We asked our followers to vote on a number of everyday things, based on which they felt was the biggest innovation of our era to help make their lives generally simpler.

Top of the list as the product that makes our lives a little simpler and hassle free out of the options we provided was the use of sat navs over maps – taking a huge 75% of the overall vote.

Also ranking highly – and as the second most poignant example of a technique that isn’t just better, but smarter – was email over fax.

Interesting, but perhaps not surprising, is that the need for a tool that makes something overtly easier has ranked as number one, while simply changing a tool for another, which provides no time saving (memory stick over disk) failed to bag any votes.

It goes to show that as a nation, we are constantly on the lookout for something that aids our life and saves us valuable time. Afterall, for many of us, a large portion of our days is spent at work, and getting things done quickly helps to aid our day.

We’re constantly seeing the world evolve, and the construction industry needs to keep up with these simple changes. They aren’t necessarily better, just a smarter way of working, which is exactly why we’re pleased that our EValuate software and integration with Laxton’s Price Books, has been so well received by the industry.

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