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Construction companies use ‘lockdown’ to get ready for a fast recovery by implementing modern estimating software EValuate

June 17, 2020

With The Government’s Infrastructure and Project Authority today announcing that £37bn of work will be due out for bid by April 2021, it’s no wonder that construction companies have used the ‘lockdown’ period proactively to ensure they are best prepared for a fast recovery.

At Eque2, we have had the pleasure to work with various contactors that have chosen to implement Eque2’s EValuate estimating software to ensure that they can improve productivity and accuracy when estimating, to provide more confidence around the costs estimated to deliver a job.

In this article we look at some of companies we have worked with over the last 6 – 8 weeks.

Fullwood QS Services

Fullwood QS Services is a new company ran by a PQS who does freelance work for the Civils industry.

The business was using Excel spreadsheets to manage their estimating processes and manual take off’s which was proving to be very time consuming and prone to error. They required a modern estimating solution that would provide an integrated On-screen Takeoff and would also work for the civils industry.

Fullwood opted to move forward with EValuate estimating software as this would allow them to quickly produce bills of quantities by allowing them to populate content from previous jobs or import via Excel and perform a fast, integrated On-screen Takeoff. They also selected the EValuate Earthworks cut and fill software that will allow the business to calculate cut and fill quantities for site, road and trenching work ensuring all aspects of the work are carried out quickly and accurately.

DL Mechanical

DL Mechanical are plumbing and pipefitting specialists based in Nottingham.

DL Mechanical were also using Excel spreadsheets to manage their estimating processes which was extremely time consuming for the business. To manage their Takeoff processes they were printing drawings off, writing them down on paper and sending off to the supplier. They would then receive them back on a PDF document and put a schedule of rates next to them – this tendering process could take the business up to 2 weeks.

DL Mechanical opted for EValuate to allow them to streamline their processes and enable them to produce fast, accurate tenders. EValuate will allow them to quickly and easily produce Bills of Quantities manually, or populate with content from previous jobs. With the integrated On-screen Takeoff tool they can perform a fast, accurate On-screen Takeoff from all file types with a live link to the Dim sheet and the Takeoff, which will enable amendments and revisions to automatically update the bill. EValuate will save DL Mechanical a significant amount of time.

Hayman Developments

Hayman Developments is a firm of high-end tradesmen based in Cobham, specialising in providing property extensions and conversions.

Currently using Excel spreadsheets to manage their estimating processes, Hayman Developments required a solution that would enable to price jobs at a much faster rate.

EValuate will allow the business to price Bills of Quantities quickly and easily and they have also chosen to include Laxton’s Priced Libraries that they can use as a benchmarking tool to compare rates.

Hayman Developments have also opted to include the Online Subcontractor Enquiries Portal within EValuate, which allows them to issue enquiries, drawings and revisions to subcontractors, and collate and analyse responses via an online portal which will streamline processes and improve communication.

Kingsgate of London

Kingsgate of London is run by a freelance estimator that has recently started up as a new business.

Kingsgate was using Excel to manage their processes and required a solution that would allow them to quickly and easily produce libraries and perform an On-screen Takeoff.

The business chose to move forward with EValuate and included Laxton’s Priced Libraries so that they are not building items & resources from scratch. They also included the integrated On-screen Takeoff module to allow them to perform a fast, accurate takeoff on the screen which will replace their current manual processes.

If you would like to discuss how our market leading construction estimating software can help tool your business up for a fast recovery, please contact one of our estimating specialists today who will be more than happy to help answer any questions or prepare a free demonstration using your data, if possible.

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