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Construction experiences rise in single-stage tendering: How estimating software can help

May 1, 2018

Increased output is reported in construction markets across the UK, contradicting general Brexit fears, and the more traditional method of single-stage tendering is increasing in popularity, which highlights the need for estimating software.

According to Turner & Townsend’s UK Market Intelligence Q1 2018 report, several ‘regional hotspots’ have seen an increase in construction output despite nationwide uncertainty over Brexit.

Comparing output immediately before the EU Referendum in 2016 to that at the end of 2017, the Northwest saw an increase of 30.7%, the West Midlands 27.8% and the Southwest 27.2%. By comparison, London had a drop of 5.7%, suggesting the capital remains the area hardest hit by Brexit fears in the UK.

Despite variances in construction output throughout the UK, the report highlights an emerging national trend: single-stage tendering. A steady change in tender behaviour has seen single-stage tendering increasing by 10.7% while two-stage tendering fell by over 5.1%. This is a sign of greater urgency among contractors to secure turnover in the UK market.

As tender behaviour remains changeable, it’s more important than ever to have exceptional estimating software in place. Accuracy and consistency are crucial to every successful bid strategy; reliable pre- and post-contract estimating software is the optimum way to ensure both, time after time.

The Project Enquiry Centre (PEC), part of Eque2’s EValuate estimating software, streamlines the process of sending and receiving subcontractor tenders ensuring you’re able to maximise margins.

The PEC allows you to easily manage subcontractor enquiries by issuing multiple tenders electronically and comparing returned quotes through the calendar view and traffic light system, helping you effectively select the most competitive rates and get projects moving quickly.  You can also take off from drawings using the 2D and 3D BIM Measurement module and produce more accurate estimates using data stored from previous projects through a user-friendly, modern interface.

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