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EValuate Estimating Software from Eque2; Our Story So Far

March 8, 2018

This website may be new, but EValuate is certainly not a new estimating system to the construction industry. With over 25 years heritage and hundreds of users, from contractors of all sizes and types and sizes across the sector, this website sparks the next step in the journey for EValuate – the smarter way to estimate.

Looking back

In 1989 when an estimating system called Techsonix was first developed, the start of the EValuate journey began, helping a small number of construction companies use technology for the first time to price their jobs. Perhaps the most well-known version of EValuate was CIT (Construction IT Ltd.), formed in 1995 following the success of the Techsonix product which was re-named to Pre-Construct in 1994.

CIT, or C21 as it was known, was further developed and became a substantial estimating and post-contract solution, growing organically in the market for 10 years before being acquired by the Tekton Group in 2005 – a significant milestone for the company and product as the team, customer base and investment in product development grew significantly.

When the Tekton Group was acquired by Sage in 2008, this sparked the next significant milestone for EValuate, C21 as it was known at the time. Sage made a substantial investment to redevelop C21 over the next 5 years into a modern SQL platform and renamed it to EValuate as it is known today.

In 2013, Sage Construction became Eque2, the home of EValuate, and the product continues to go from strength to strength adding more new users every month than any estimating system on the market. Not only does EValuate contain cutting-edge technology to help get accurate estimates out the door faster, when combined with Eque2’s Construct for Sage and EVision ERP construction accounting software solutions, a truly unique cradle to grave solution is formed, which enables contractors of all sizes to manage their projects from initial estimate through to final account.

EValuate today

Justin Moule, Managing Director, commercial at Eque2 commented: ‘We are extremely proud of the speed in which the EValuate user base is growing and see this as a testament to the strength of the product and its ability to add significant value to estimating teams throughout the UK from both main contractors and subcontractors of all types and sizes”.

The broad range of users can be seen by reading our Customer Stories, including:

Tony Gamwell, Estimating Director at Lindum commented: ‘We felt that Evaluate from Eque2 was the best solution to help us effectively manage our estimating activities from one solution, create consistency across the organisation, and deal with the more complex tenders and processes we now face.’

Steve Bushill, Director at Bushcrafted Ltd explained: ‘I invited Eque2 in to demonstrate their estimating and contract management solutions and could quickly see how all our manual spreadsheets could be consolidated. I could see how we could save a tremendous amount of time and improve our reporting capabilities significantly. Unlike the previous processes that we used, we selected Eque2 for their ability to offer us management of the full project life cycle in one integrated system without the need for rekeying information’.

Looking ahead

The purpose of this new website is not to re-launch a very well-established estimating system to the construction industry, it is to allow estimators to fully understand how it can help them win more work by getting accurate estimates out of the door faster.

It is also to help commercial teams consider how tracking project information from when the initial estimate is raised, right through to the completion of a job, can help to reduce risk by monitoring margins and take action if and when required, earlier.

We invite you to Explore EValuate, read our customer stories and join a webinar see the product in action for yourself.

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