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Forget the forecast: Construction estimating whatever the outlook

October 24, 2017

Key statistics released by the Construction Products Association (CPA) suggest that, despite reducing forecasts for construction growth, large government infrastructure projects may help the industry bounce back.

Infrastructure projects are anticipated to be a major driver of construction activity in the next few years, with large-scale projects such as HS2 and the £4.2bn Thames Tideway Tunnel expected to boost output by as much as 25% in 2019.

As the sector has suffered from repeatedly overrunning costs and delays, forecasters at the CPA warn that any growth will be heavily reliant on the pace of such government infrastructure projects.

The CPA point to house building as a continued driver of growth, largely sustained by private housing and the government’s Help to Buy scheme, and forecast that construction will bounce back to 2% growth in 2019.

Bearing the above in mind, how can Eque2 software make it easier to estimate and manage the cost of construction projects?

EValuate is a key estimating tool for construction companies, setting businesses free from lengthy and complex estimating processes. This construction estimating software helps create faster, more accurate estimates for projects of all sizes. Our software is designed to be intuitive, provide historical data from previous projects across the team helping to predict industry trends, so you can plan accordingly.

Whether the construction industry is growing or shrinking, the right software can help you navigate uncertain times, take control of your business and maintain the competitive edge over your competitors.

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