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Laxton’s 2021 Building Price Book is now available

December 14, 2020

Laxton’s Building Price Books are the UK’s leading price library, providing you with access to a huge range of construction cost and industry related information. With both libraries and resource rates updated every year, we are pleased to announce that the latest release of Laxton’s Price Book 2021 is now available in both NRM and SMM rules of measurement.

The all-new 2021 edition is available in hard copy book form as well as a fully bookmarked PDF on a CD and is also available exclusively within Eque2’s EValuate Estimating Software.

Using Laxton’s within modern estimating software can help you to provide resource build-ups for pricing items directly, or for comparison with your rates or subcontractor rates – making it even easier to quickly and accurately price jobs.

To find out more about how EValuate Estimating Software with Laxton’s Priced Libraries can benefit your business please visit

You can also purchase your hard copy or PDF version of Laxton’s Building Price Book 2021 by visiting

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