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See how ProFicientCM Ltd have improved the quality and speed of tenders with Eque2’s EValuate for Freelancers edition

June 15, 2020

ProFicientCM Ltd recently purchased Eque2’s Evaluate for Freelancers edition and are already benefitting from improved processes, the software has allowed them to produce better quality tenders at a faster rate – resulting in the business winning more work.

Read on to see how ProFicientCM use EValuate for Freelancers within their business …

ProFicientCM is ran by freelance Estimator, Quantity Surveyor and Commercial manager Rob Langstone. Rob has over 40 years varied professional experience and offers a collaborative approach to whatever cost and construction management requirements a business may have. Helping to identify and manage contractual risk, deliver project costs effectively, on budget and on time with the support of a systematic, analytical, and business focused professional with a proven track record with many of the leaders in the construction sector.

ProFicientCM was previously running Fast Estimate to manage their processes however the product didn’t offer the functionality they required, as a dated solution the business felt as though it needed a modern innovative solution to manage the full estimating process, many of the processes were still managed on Excel.

Rob went out to market to look at a new estimating solution, after using Eque2’s construction management software EVision at a previous business he explored Eque2’s EValuate estimating software, Rob says, “I was delighted to see that Eque2 offered an estimating solution, after previously working with Eque2 I had been impressed by their modern intuitive software and the support we received. Not only could I invest in an estimating solution, Eque2 offered an edition specifically for freelancer’s which allowed me to invest in a 1 user solution and pick and chose the modules that I required to run my business efficiently.

“After an initial demonstration it was clear to see that EValuate was going to offer me the full functionality I required, allowing me to manage all of my estimating processes out of one solution through a joined up process.”

Rob decided to move forward with EValuate for Freelancers in April 2020 and included the integrated On-screen Takeoff module, Online Subcontractor Enquires Portal and Laxton’s Priced Libraries. After only using the software for a couple of months, EValuate has already started to improve processes by allowing the business to produce better quality tenders at a faster rate.

Discussing how he uses the product, Rob explains “EValuate has proven to be a very intuitive solution and I’ve been able to get up and running very quickly, I’ve had detailed training sessions delivered by Eque2 that have been very useful, they understood how my business worked and what I needed to get out of the software to get it working for my business.

“I have many clients that work in different sectors with different cost libraries, with EValuate I am able to quickly import bills of quantities from Excel and produce fast and accurate tenders with rates that are proven to be effective. I also have Laxton’s Priced Libraries in place that I can use as a benchmarking tool to compare rates if required. The integrated On-Screen Takeoff tool allows me to perform a fast, accurate Takeoff from any file type where I can easily view the dimensions via an electronic trace and allows me to send it back to the client in a presentable format.

“I also opted to include the Online Subcontractor Enquiries Portal which allows me to manage my client’s subcontractor enquiry process on an online portal which I can brand with their logo, including the distribution of documents and revisions. Their submitted rates and documents will automatically populate the comparison screen in EValuate which offers a professional seamless approach between myself and the client.

“Using EValuate has greatly improved the efficiency of my business, I’m able to produce quality tenders at faster rate meaning my tender output has increased by roughly 20-30% which means I am winning more work with less risk.

“My continued support with Eque2 has been fantastic, should I need to speak to the technical support team my query is answered quickly and professionally. I look forward to my continued relationship with Eque2.”

You can find out more about EValuate for Freelancers by visiting



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